Almost Abba are a talented and popular Bedfordshire based party band, bringing Glamour, fun, lights, dance moves and a great atmosphere to any function! 

Fronted by 2 glamorous ladies and 2 equally glamorous gentlemen, Sharon, Vikki, Mark and Steve make up Frida, Agnetha, Benny and Bjorn! Bringing you Abba's greatest hits and sounds from the 70's. 

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Meet the band!

Sharon as Buy 1 get 1 Frida 

The dancing smiler that talks way too much! Loves to perform and have a joke with the odd accent!

Meet the band!

Vikki as Agnetha Twinkle Toes

The fitness mad one with small feet who likes to jump around a lot! Known as the loud one with tiddy feet!


Meet the band!

Mark as Benny Fit!

The one that lights the stage.  Bassman with some groove and loads of props!

Meet the band!

Steve as Bjorn 2 B Wild! 

The quiet eccentric lead guitarist  with a love of pedals, switches and tuners! Gets in the zone from the off.

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